DuraSealâ„¢ Coatings

Nothing is more durable or longer lasting than DuraSeal's total corrosion abrasion solution. It's a solution that uses true speciality technology and, though it may be small in size, it's big in results.

Covalent Bonding Formula

Rather than temporarily upgrading surfaces with coatings that quickly delaminate, DuraSeal's covalent bonding formulas manipulate the material's core components to create a sturdier, corrosion-proof super metal that is unlike anything the industrial world has ever seen.

Customized Speciality Coatings

Applied to pipes, tubing, engines, couplings, machine parts and everything in between, DuraSeal's customized specialty coatings are proven to be that long-sought, viable solution to those same, seemingly endless problems that have plagued the oil and gas industry for decades. Those problems are now ancient history for corporations that have taken advantage of our penetrating sealants that can be tailored to suit specific harsh environments.

Proven in independent and domestic studies both in the lab and in the field, DuraSeal's use of specialty technology is a cost effective way to increase production and decrease operating expenses.